Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting Ready for the Conference

At last it came time to put all my Louisiana SDE conference materials together and get them shipped to Jennifer of  4MulaFun.

First, I stapled my business cards to the small packages containing the flower seeds and labels. If I had to do this over again, I think I might buy a little bit larger bags so that the card could go inside with the seeds. I do like the insert, though, and it does have my name and website on it again, so I’m not sure. What do you think?

Carol's Garden Business Card with Seeds and Insert

Next, I counted out 50 of the card/seed packet combos and bundled them inside a large Ziploc baggie. I did this eight times to make 400 all together.

Business Cards with Seeds/Inserts in Baggies of 50 Each

My laminated task card sample was wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a tiny box I had left over from something I received in the mail. I put both the task cards and the Ziploc baggies of business card/seed packets in one large FedEx box.

Laminated Measurement Task Cards Sample with QR Code

I wrapped my product book in bubble wrap, then placed it inside another large FedEx box.

Business Crds with Seeds/Insert, Product Book, and Task Cards

Finally, I went down to FedEx Kinkos and mailed both boxes to Jennifer. She received them a few days later, and I waited for the conference.

Here’s a photo Jennifer posted showing our products at the conference. My product book is lying on the table on the right-hand side, and my task cards are hanging from a small display tree at the front. You can’t see my business cards/seed packets combo, because they’re inside the white goodie bags at the back left of the table.

Louisiana SDE Teachers of TpT Conference Table
Jennifer barely had time to take this photo. The conference display was so popular with attendees that all 400 goodie bags were gone THE FIRST DAY of the three-day conference. She said that teachers were screaming with excitement when they saw all the cool stuff inside the goodie bags! Wish I could have been there. :D

If you want to see the stores and blogs of the other TpT sellers who participated in this conference, check out Jennifer's Teachers of TpT blog here.

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Have a wonderful week!
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