Monday, June 23, 2014

Filling My TpT Product Book (with Video)

Once I had the front cover and table of contents complete, and the template theme saved, I was ready to fill the pages with my products. Looking at my table of contents, I started with the first section, “Math,” which is the largest section in my TpT store.

Since I created these products as I needed them, I started with the earliest sets and worked my way forward in time. I opened the file containing all of the thumbnails for one product at a time. Then I copied, pasted, shrunk, and arranged them on the page. Since I knew I would have the book bound at the top, I made sure to leave plenty of empty space at the top of each display page. I played around with the design a LOT over the next few weeks, but finally settled on what you see here, minus  the QR code and standards, which I added later. I spent weeks making a page for each of the sixty products in my store, minus the freebies, which need no advertisement. J

Next, I went back and added a QR code for each product. I don’t know why I had always been so intimidated by QR codes! They are so easy to make, once you know how. However, I am not very good at following written directions. I need visuals to follow. Once I had that, and some time to play around and make plenty of mistakes, I had that “Aha!” moment when I realized that the entire process was much easier than I had thought! (I promise to write about creating QR codes on a later blog post. Make sure to check back later. J)

Then I added the Common Core State Standards covered by each product to its own page. You can find the standards listed here. Jennifer (the conference host) had said in one of her posts that teachers at the conferences were very interested in this information, and I wanted to make it easier for them to find it.

Finally, I added a page to show teachers how to contact me, through my TpT store, Facebook page, blog, or email, and reminded them that I take requests. 

I checked over the entire book several times before saving it to a flash drive and taking it to Staples for printing, laminating (for durability) and binding. I also took along a PDF version of one of my task card sets so that it could be used on the display table.

Here’s a video to show the finished book:

You can also view this video on YouTube.

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