Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Conference Goodie Bag

As you know, I have been preparing items to participate in a teaching conference this summer. In my last post I discussed the long list of things to accomplish, and wondered what item I could contribute to the teacher goodie bags. Jennifer of 4MulaFun looked through my store and gave me a terrific idea that fit my personality perfectly.

Jennifer noticed that I have a LOT of task cards in my TpT store, Carol’s Garden, so she suggested that I include seeds of some kind. (I have a “garden” of task cards, get it?) ;D

I tried to think about what type of seeds to give teachers. Whatever I chose would need to appeal to as many teachers as possible, be easy to grow in all or most areas of the United States, and be inexpensive. My first thought was vegetable seeds, but not everybody likes their veggies! Second, I thought of herbs, but those die after one season, and I wanted something that would grow both this year and the next.

Finally, I decided on wildflowers. They would be easy to grow, native to the U.S., and would readily re-seed and come back for years of enjoyment! Plus, birds love the seeds, and the flowers could be a feature in a school’s garden, or planted along the edges of the property for beautiful colors.

A check of the Internet led me to a seed company which specialized in wildflowers. They even had a bird and butterfly-attracting seed mix on sale! I wasn’t sure how much seed I would need, so I bookmarked the page for later purchase. I was still working out details in my head, and I needed to check the quantity of goodie bags I would need to fill.

I hope you’ll check back for my next post about creating items for a teaching conference. Please click one of the icons below to “like” or “share,” or leave a comment.

Thank you and have a fabulous week! “See” you next time!
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