Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Designing My TpT Product Book for the Teaching Conference

Kind of like grading writing assignments, this project would be huge, which is why I procrastinated and left it for last.

Once again, I browsed through sample photos (and videos) created by other TpT sellers showing their own product books. Each of them was so professional looking! Because I already had my store logo and business card design (Thanks again, Catia Dias!) I wasn’t as intimidated by this assignment as I had been in the beginning.

Looking at the samples, I knew I wanted to keep the following things in mind while designing my product book.

1.     It needed to have the same “brand” as my other items. This meant that it would need to match my store logo and business card.
2.     My products would need to be highlighted in a way that would grab the attention of possible buyers at the teaching conference. That meant I would only have a few seconds to impress them, so I decided I would emphasize the visual aspects of my products rather than text.
3.     Everybody has a smart phone these days. I wanted to include a QR code for every product so that impulse buyers could quickly scan the code to locate the products and read the descriptions on the site.
4.     Make it last. This product book could end up going to many conferences, and be handled by thousands of teachers. I would need to make it durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of this kind of use.
5.     Get it done and shipped on time. This was a huge undertaking, and would take weeks to complete. I looked at a calendar to find out when Jennifer needed the book, then worked backward from there to figure out shipping time. Once I had a deadline for completing the project I was able to come up with a schedule for keeping myself on task and on time. I figured out how many pages I would need to complete every day. I could do more than that if I wanted to, but never less. In this way, I was able to finish early, without too much stress. I hate worrying about being late for anything.

The first thing I did was design the product cover. Using the business card which Catia had designed for me, I started with the front of the card, then added part of the back of the card to the bottom of the picture. This way I had all the information in one place. Then I added the burgundy border to the slide template.

Next, I started a table of contents. I wanted some kind of order to the displays, and wanted to give teachers a small indication of the types of products they would find inside. I kept the same background and color theme as the cover, so that all the pages of the book would match.

That’s all I have time for today! Thank you for reading. J I hope you will "Like" or "Share" this post, or leave a comment in the box below it. Please come back next time to see what I put inside my product book!

Until then! Have a terrific week!
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