Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why Preparing (My Products) for a Teaching Conference Is Like Taking a College Class (Part Two)

Once I saw the quality of work submitted by the other TpT sellers signed up for each teaching conference, I realized I was in trouble! Professional quality work was expected, and I did not have a clue where to begin!

Thankfully, Jennifer had a list in the files section of the group Facebook page, which explains what needs to be done to get ready for each conference. (It kinda reminded me of a course syllabus.) Then I noticed that it was a full page! Yikes! I knew I had to get to work!

I had already completed the Google Doc and submitted my payment. Check. Check. Next was completing the “Marketing Materials” section. Since this seemed like a HUGE undertaking, I naturally put it off until later. Like any good student, I decided to check out the social scene instead of do my homework. In this case, I started browsing through the photos on the group Facebook page. Hmm, there were some really cute things there!

At this point I noticed the goodie bag items the other sellers were putting together. Each goodie bag included a freebie item to help teachers remember the seller’s store. Some had cute small jewelry items, classroom supply items with a store logo, or a teacher pen. All were adorable, and I felt a twinge of anxiety. What could I contribute that hadn’t already been submitted? I definitely didn’t want to copy any other seller! (Plagiarism will get you in deep trouble anywhere!)

Gulping down my nervousness, I replied to a post, expressing my admiration for the other sellers’ freebie items, and confusion as to what I could give to the collection. Luckily, this is a fantastic group of teacher-sellers, and I was quickly given an answer that fits my personality PERFECTLY. Can you guess what it is? Leave your best guess in the comments below.

To find out the answer, make sure to read my next blog post, where I will describe my freebie item. Pictures will be included!

Thanks and have a fabulous week!
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