Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why Preparing (My Products) for a Teaching Conference Is Like Taking a College Class

I get bored easily. If I’m not learning something new, I will seek out the opportunity to stretch myself in another direction. Up until the last year, this entailed getting advanced degrees, or moving grade levels or districts. Last year it was becoming a seller on TpT, using Pinterest, starting a business Facebook page, and creating a blog (plus taking Charity Preston’s lessons on Teaching Blog Traffic School.)

A few months ago I saw a post by Jennifer Smith-Sloane (you may know her as 4mulaFun) in the forums on TpT. She was advertising open slots for the next few teaching conferences for which she and Michelle Martin-Luck would have booths. TpT sellers sign up for the slots, send Jennifer and Michelle their samples, and then these two ladies put up a fabulous display table, complete with product books, task card displays, freebie gift bags, and a raffle (where one teacher wins a free product from each participating seller.)

Since I had never done this before, I decided to sign up. You might say I dove into the deep end!

Michelle and Jennifer have a Facebook group dedicated to those of us sellers who signed up for the conferences. At first, I didn’t pay much attention. It was only as time progressed (and I started to see some of the posts made by the other sellers in the group) that I clicked on the “Receive Notifications” under the Facebook “Like” button for the group. That’s when I really sat up and began to take notice. :D

Read more about my experience with preparing my products for a teaching conference on my next blog post. Until then, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here soon. Please leave a comment if you liked this post or have a question you would like answered.

Have a terrific day!
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