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10 Tips for Teaching Interview Success Part 5

Welcome back to part 5 of my series, 10 Tips for Teaching Interview Success. If you haven’t read part 1 ofthe series, which includes tips for writing your resume and finding the right references, you can find it here. You can find Part 2, which
includes tips for filling out an application and designing your portfolio, here.  Part 3, which can be found here, includes submitting a sample lesson and researching the "right" answers to common interview questions. Part 4, here, includes tips for knowing your audience and practicing for the interview. 

Today’s tips include how to show your professionalism, and how to continue your job search after the initial interview. 

9.    Show Your Professionalism

Finally, the day of the interview has arrived. You’ve filled out all the paperwork, you’ve practiced what you will say, and you’re ready to show your stuff. There are a few more things for you to keep in mind.

Whether You Are Male or Female, Appropriate Business Attire Is a Must for an Interview

First of all, dress professionally. If you do not have an interview suit, or if the one you have is from ten years ago and no longer fits, go shopping for a new one long before the day of the interview. That will give you time to have any necessary alterations made, as well as to make sure the suit is comfortable. If you have a nice suit in your closet, pull it out at least a week before the scheduled interview and try it on for fit. Check to make sure that it is clean and pressed, and that the moths haven’t eaten part of it. You want to make sure that it doesn’t have a musty odor, either.

Make sure that your shoes fit, and that they match your outfit. If you are wearing nylons, make sure you have a couple new pairs, in case one gets a run the day of the interview.

Some people on your interview panel might be allergic to strong scents, so please do not wear any kind of perfume or cologne.

No Cologne or Perfume During the Interview

Since you will probably be shaking hands with multiple people, check your nails to ensure they are clean and neat. This is not the time for acrylic nails or a lot of embellishment. You want the interviewers to remember you, not your manicure.

Your hairstyle should be neat and professional, conservative even. Teachers are encouraged to have conservative appearances, so make sure that any tattoos you have are covered, too.

During the interview, make sure you make eye contact and direct your answers to all the members of the panel, not just the person asking the questions. You never know how much influence the other people in the room have in making the decision of which person to hire for the position. In addition, if you are offered the job you will probably be working directly with most of these people. Be polite and professional with everyone.

Thank ALL the Members of Your Interview Panel

Good manners can go a long way. After the interview is completed, thank each of the panel members personally. If you really want to stand out, send a thank you card, or at least an email to each member of your interview panel. Not only is this polite behavior, but it also helps them remember you favorably. Every extra point in your favor helps.

10.    Keep Trying

If you don’t get the job, don’t give up. There could be a dozen different reasons why you weren’t the one chosen for the position, and most of them have nothing to do with your own qualifications. It could be that the position was actually filled before the team interviewed you, but the principal was required to open the interviews to many candidates before giving the district an official decision. Maybe a member of the grade level team had a friend who was a candidate, or there was a teacher already working in the building who wanted to switch to the open position. You might never know the real reason.

Don’t be discouraged. Keep trying. As new positions open, sometimes even after a new school year begins, continue to apply and respond to interview requests. Think of this as a learning experience. You are realizing how much you have to offer to a school.

Build Your Self-Confidence Through the Process

As you become more confident in your own abilities, the interview process will become easier until one day you no longer find it intimidating. Then one day you’ll get the call to offer you a position at a school and you will realize that all the work has been worth it. You will have the opportunity to change many children’s lives for the better, and you will know that you are up to the task. Good luck!

Thank you for reading my blog! Please take the time to leave a question or comment below. I love feedback.

“See” you next time!
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