Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Enormously Improved and Creative!

I'm so excited to see new technology being used! It can lead to marvelous improvements, especially when creatively used by inspired people!

My New Store Front
I already had a logo and store banner created by Laine, from A Little Peace of Africa. (She also designed this blog, obviously. :) I had recently seen rotating quote area presentations in some stores on TpT, but it wasn't until recently that I found out that Laine had begun designing these, too!

Math Slide

The pictures hardly do these designs justice, though. You have to see the presentation in action to fully appreciate the genius here. Each letter and graphic appears one at a time, until the entire slide is complete. Then the presentation shifts to the next slide. It's really cool to watch!

Social Studies Slide
It's kind of hypnotic to watch, LOL! If you want one of your own, just contact Laine and ask her to fit you in to her schedule. I only had to wait a week, and I'm extremely happy with her creations!

Thanks for visiting!

"See you" next time!
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