Sunday, March 16, 2014

Amazing Animals!

I love animals. I grew up with dogs, cats, hamsters, and such.

I had a sister who was a bird whisperer. Simply by holding out her hand she could coax any wild bird to perch on her outstretched fingers, allowing her to stroke their soft feathers.

She could even charm the butterflies to laze on her sun-warmed skin, slowly opening and closing zephyr wings tickled by a large, silky make-up brush.

As a teenager I worked at Disneyland with the assorted draft horses, Hackney horses, Lippizan mares and foals, Shetland ponies, white doves, barn cats, and wild rabbits. It was every young girl's dream to climb up on warm backs to braid manes, or nestle against powerful equestrian giants on warm starlit summer evenings.

While I attended college I worked in the local pet store, noisy as an equatorial jungle from the various animal noises, plus the humidity caused by water in the tanks. When it was slow in the store we would pull out creatures to play. Max was a hand-fed blue-and-gold macaw who loved to have his belly rubbed until he fell asleep in your arms.

Ferrets with their otter-like bodies and fun-loving personalities used our jackets as tunnels, suddenly poking out a sleeve, then just as quickly disappearing, only to re-appear elsewhere. I swear they were laughing at us, just as we were laughing with them.

Today I spotted something unusual in my Facebook feed. It wasn't just another cute animal picture. It was a video of one trusting dolphin, who came to ask for help from humans. The dolphin patiently swims in place, allowing the diver to cut off fishing line from a different human's snare. Amazing creatures!
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