Monday, March 24, 2014

Summer Plans

Is It Summer Yet?

Spring Break is over. (More) Mandatory testing is about to get underway. Ugh! The next month seems like pure drudgery to me, as teachers everywhere do the mad dash of last minute cramming everything possible into their students’ brains before THE TEST! Ugh!

So I’m taking a momentary break to think about what I will be doing this summer. Specifically, I am trying to create a final “product” for teachers to receive in their goodie bags from a conference in June in which I am participating, along with many other TpT teacher/sellers. After viewing some of the “goodies” from other sellers, I was stuck as to what unique item I could create which would make it easy for teachers to decide to keep my store information long enough so that it wouldn’t be thrown away in the nearest garbage can. A simple business card (even a pretty one) just won’t do on its own.

I am fortunate to belong to an online group of sellers who help each other with everything regarding these conferences. When I expressed my admiration for the many unique and interesting “goodies” being supplied by the various members of the group, they kindly put their heads together to help me come up with an idea of how best to showcase my own TpT store.  I’m happy to say that I was given some excellent advice, which I intend to follow.

While I don’t want to say anything else until I get my design finalized, I thought I’d give a clue about the content over the next two months. I love a mystery, don’t you?

Here’s the first clue:

Hope that piques your interest! More clues will follow, just not today. ; )

Have a wonderful week!

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