Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One Little Thing Wednesday

I'm joining Enchanting Elementary for her first "One Little Thing Wednesday." Today's post is about one little thing I drink at school.

One Little School Day Drink
I don't care for coffee at all, never have. (Sacrilege, you say?) I just never liked the smell, or the bitterness. Yuck!

Of course, with all the talking we teachers do, I need something to keep my voice from cracking throughout the day. Although I usually carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, I do have one special treat beverage that I consume from time to time. It's warm, it's sweet, and it makes me happy the rest of the day. Yes, I'm talking about that holiday drink, peppermint hot chocolate. I find that EVERYTHING is better with chocolate, and a little peppermint opens up the airways and puts a spring in my step. :D
Mmmm, hot chocolate!

With Peppermint, Please!
What about you? What's your "One Little Drink?" Head over to the link-up and join in the fun!

"See you" next time!
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