Sunday, April 12, 2015

300+ Followers Celebration at Carol's Garden!

My TpT store had been hovering at 299 followers for awhile. I kept hoping for that magic "300" to appear, when I noticed the number had skipped to 301! Thank you to all my wonderful followers!

300+ Followers Celebration!

As my way of showing some appreciation for my fabulous followers, I will be posting one flash freebie in my store each day. It might be in the morning, or it might be in the afternoon, but each freebie will be posted until at least midnight EST on the day it is posted.

Since this blog has a severe time lag, I suggest you follow my Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates. I will post a picture of each item right after I post it as free in my TpT store. Just don't delay! There will be one flash freebie each day for seven days, and the first one has already been posted! Once these flash freebies go back to their regular price, that's it, until the next one.

I hope you enjoy these freebies! Thank you all so much, and have a wonderful week!

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