Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently With Carol's Garden

I love linking up with Farley for September's Currently!

Oh Boy Fourth Grade with Farley!
This month she has another adorable linky party going on, and who doesn't love a good linky? Here's my contribution to the party!

Carol's Currently!
Listening to Brad Paisley’s “Southern Comfort Zone.” This song always puts a smile on my face, and it’s gotten me through the most difficult times in my life. Whenever I hear it, I have to turn up the sound and feel the music coursing through my soul. It’s a very spiritually healing song for me.

Loving that we have a three-day weekend because of Labor Day. It's given us all a chance to catch up on sleep. Plus, I’ll have no excuse for not getting that lesson planned. ;)

Thinking about Christmas already! I know, I know! I’m crazy, but it’s my favorite holiday. As soon as the mornings start to cool off this time of year, my thoughts turn to winter, and Christmas, and all the fun with family and friends!

Wanting to go to the local organic health food store to pick up some more feta and goat cheese, as well as some locally produced wildflower honey. I’ve been trying to eat  more healthy foods, and I’ve been out of these ingredients for about two weeks. My salads and Greek yogurt just aren’t the same without them. (Plus, I really don't eat those things without those ingredients, so I really need to pick up some more of them.)

Needing to organize my next Interactive Notebook lesson for next week’s social studies lesson. We have a new curriculum, so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a new (for me) teaching method. I’m really nervous, because I’ve never done this before, but without some risk there can be nothing gained or changed.

Three places I've never been, where I'd love to go on vacation? The first one is easy: Ireland! We're Scotch-Irish-German, and I've always longed to visit the Emerald Isle! Of course we would have to tour Scotland and England while we were there, so I'm thinking we would need to spend at least three weeks there.

Beautiful Ireland

Secondly, I would love to go camping in the Smoky Mountains, which are fairly close to where I live in Tennessee. The major problem with this is that it's too hot and humid in the summer, but when it's cooler, we're all in school! 

Third, I would love to travel the whole United States! It's a big, beautiful country, and I would love the chance to explore all of it!

What about you? Where would you go if you had the chance? I encourage you to join the link-up and tell us about it!

Until next time! 

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